About the Russian gastronomy weeks project
Day 1 Opening ceremony of the Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece 2018

The conception of the Russian gastronomy weeks was developed by the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy (ICWAG, the UNWTO Affiliate Member) with active personal support of Mr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The objectives of the events implementation within the framework of the Russian gastronomy weeks project:

- strengthening of cultural and business relations between the participating countries;

- popularization of the participating countries as attractive tourist destinations;
- development and increasing of tourist flows between the participating countries;
- demonstration of regional tourism opportunities, national cuisine, food and beverage to the international public;
- drawing attention to investment projects in the hospitality industry of the participating countries;
- increase of trade turnover of food and beverage of the participating countries.

Russian gastronomy weeks strategy is aimed to wine and gastronomic culture development among the population of the participating countries.

This project is a cultural and educational platform that unites representatives of diverse fields of activity - businessmen, politicians, journalists, cultural figures as well as a wide audience with a vast variety of interests. 

Day 2 Dinner of the Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece opening. Chef Andrey Matiukha (Krasnodar region, Russia)
Day 4 Gastronomy dinner "Two great rivers".
Chefs Rashid Rakhmanov (Perm region) and
Dmitry Bugorchikov (the city of Suzdal)
Day 3. Culinary summit "Russia-Athens
Day 5. Culinary summit "Russia-Kerkyra"
Day 6. Culinary master class for children
Day 6. Gastronomy dinner of the North and Pustozersk cuisines. Chefs Denis Karapetov (Arkhangelsk region) and
Alexander Ermolin (Nenets Autonomous Okrug)
Day 5. Gastronomy dinner of the Pskov cuisine.
Chef Sergey Evdokimov (Pskov region)
Day 3. Gastronomy dinner of the modern Moscow cuisine.
Chef Anton Salnikov (Moscow)